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HipHopForChange is revolutionary in many ways, but one important way is how we engage with our community by empowering the public in struggles against corporate and institutional oppression.  In Order to accomplish this, we do what no grassroots organization is willing to do; pay their staff not to fundraise. Instead, we provide our staff the sense of purpose that comes with actual community work they are paid for equally to their fundraising hours. Many fundraising teams have high turnover because staff tend to feel like cogs in a machine rather than community activists with their hands in the actual work. We donate thousands of hours of community work each year by paying our staff to volunteer for those that are in need. The program seeks to support poor and marginalized residents of the Bay Area through increased volunteerism, special projects, and micro-grants and we are truly making a lot of impact!


If you, your organization, or your community could use our help, please don't hesitate to reach out. Drop us a line at the email below.



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