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Pipeline 2 Positivity is a 6 week program designed for Systems Impacted youth, ages 14-24 to be introduced to various creative careers within Hip Hop and Tech industries Participants will have the opportunity to learn key artistic and workforce development skills that will help them explore a wide range of career options.


Through this program, participants will be exposed to a diverse range of skills, including DJ'ing and beat-making, songwriting, recording and performing, music video filmmaking and production, photography, graphic design, computer coding, fashion design, concert production, social media marketing, and entrepreneurship training. These skills are not only valuable in the creative industries but also in many other areas of work.

The program is structured to provide a well-rounded education that will help participants build a solid foundation for their future careers. The curriculum is designed to encourage participants to develop their creative talents, hone their technical skills, and gain valuable work experience. By the end of the program, participants will have gained a deep understanding of the Hip Hop and Tech industries and how they can build successful careers in these fields.



Participants will be learning key artistic and workforce development skills in the following:


• DJ'ing and Beatmaking

• Songwriting, Recording and Performing

• Music Video Filmmaking and Production

• Photography

• Graphic Design

• Computer Coding

• Fashion Design

• Concert Production

• Social Media Marketing

• Entrepreneurship training


Youth participants will also be learning key socio-emotional coping tools, being trained in:


• Trauma Informed Care

• Dynamic Mindfulness

• Non Violent Communication

• Restorative Justice


  • Transportation Stipend.

  • Free access to our state of the art Recording Studio in Oakland.

  • Free access to our state of the art film Studio in San Francisco.

  • Potential performance, internship and job placement opportunities.

  • $500 Honorarium upon successful completion of the program.



The program is presently accepting registrants for 4 separated cohorts for 2023. Each cohort will have up to 20 participants. 


To register, please click on the following link. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Marlon Richardson, Education Director at

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