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We've employed 1000+ people from all walks of life, providing them with livable wages and professional job training. Our grassroots team works to bridge the gaps between affluent and disparate communities by educating the public on issues of race, social justice, and the cooptation of Hip Hop.

ABOUT HIP HOP FOR CHANGE: HipHopForChange, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using Hip Hop as a positive cultural exchange through which we can educate the public about socio-economic injustices. We do this in part by building platforms for positive, socially conscious art and music, and programs that benefit historically marginalized and oppressed communities.

This organization is unlike other groups that fundraise.  We build our work from the thoughts and efforts of our entire staff and operate within a cooperative system.  We manage ourselves and share in responsibilities and rewards.  We work through the lens of causes that stem from Black and Brown struggles in America.

Hip Hop for Change is an equal opportunity employer; LGBT, Women, and BIPOC are strongly encouraged to apply.


Grassroots canvasser



POSITION DESCRIPTION: ($20/hour plus bonus) Hip hop for Change is growing and are seeking to hire passionate, motivated grassroots canvassers. Canvassers will be engaged in grassroots activism, outreach and paid volunteer work. We provide paid training and lunch breaks.  Our week starts with a Monday office day that consists of training in canvassing skills, organizing, and self-care. Grassroots officers will be trained thoroughly in canvassing practices to surpass the $300 daily quota to achieve maximum bonuses. In 2019 our average canvasser made around 24 dollars an hour due to the success of our training model. We help our coworkers achieve success in learning how to be effective advocates, and learn skills they can use for the rest of their lives. With these tools, employees will spend 4 days in the field, having between 30 and 40 conversations a day with the public around racism and the co-optation of Hip Hop Culture. These funds will go to maintain Hip Hop For Change’s mission.


-Able to engage with the public for 7 hours at a time
- Ability to and/or desire to motivate and communicate persuasively in public settings.
- Attentive to detail and ability to prioritize tasks.
- Self-starter who can work alone and in teams.
- Ability to work 5 days a week, Mondays are mandatory
- Commitment to the 4 core principles of Hip Hop: peace, love, unity, and having fun
- At least 1 year of customer service, or grassroots outreach required



If you can’t link your resume (highlighting Leadership, Non-Profit, and Grassroots director or Management experience) and cover letter (highlighting why you want to work for HH4C; 500 words max) in the space provided, please email the following application information and documents to

Thank you for applying!

"Working for HipHopForChange created a positive space in my daily life. The individuals who are a part of this organization can be defined as activists, but that doesn't begin to sum up their goals and aspirations. Working for HipHopForChange, you are able to learn and speak about social issues that are happening around the world. Unlike a corporate setting, you are able to speak freely about new age ideas, and not shunned for not fitting into a mold.  My experience with Hip Hop For Change allowed me to believe in imagination and hope for our youth. This is a movement that will prosper due to their voluntary outreach in the community and the voice that carries along with their values."

-A.J Capas

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