"Working for HipHopForChange created a positive space in my daily life. The individuals who are a part of this organization can be defined as activists, but that doesn't begin to sum up their goals and aspirations. Working for HipHopForChange, you are able to learn and speak about social issues that are happening around the world. Unlike a corporate setting, you are able to speak freely about new age ideas, and not shunned for not fitting into a mold.  My experience with Hip Hop For Change allowed me to believe in imagination and hope for our youth. This is a movement that will prosper due to their voluntary outreach in the community and the voice that carries along with their values."

-A.J Capas

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POSITION: Grassroots Officer

This organization is unlike other groups that do grassroots organizing. We build our work from the thoughts and efforts of our entire staff and operate within a cooperative system. We manage ourselves and share responsibilities and rewards. We work through the lens of causes that stem from Black and Brown struggles in America. We are currently looking to hire for a fun, energetic, and successful Bay Area office. These individuals should be motivated by social justice and have real desires of wanting to dismantle systems that hold us down.

Job Description:

Grassroots officers work in high traffic areas of the Bay Area and get paid to simply to have conversations about Hip Hop, racism, and social justice. Each year our grassroots program We end each conversation with a request for program support that allows our organization to continue our great work in the community. Grassroots officers should be experts in conversation and good at negotiation. 

- Must be on time.

- Able to canvass for 6 hours.
- Ability to and/or desire to motivate and communicate persuasively in public settings.
- Attentive to detail and ability to prioritize tasks.
- Self-starter who can work alone and in teams.
- Availability at least 3 full weekdays, not including a mandatory Wednesday meeting from 10am - 1 pm.
- Commitment to the 4 core principles of Hip Hop: peace, love, unity, and having fun


Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Salary: $16.00 to $19.00 /year


We are an inclusive organization and strongly encourage POC applicants!



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