Grassroots jobs program

"Working for HipHopForChange created a positive space in my daily life. This organization is attempting to change the voice of hip hop while demonstrating unity within the bay area community. The members of this organization are viewed by the public as the "common people" or "working class," but what others do not realize is that these individuals have a passion for changing contemporary society through the original values of hip hop culture: empowerment, self-expression, and diversity.


The individuals that are a part of this organization can be defined as activists, but that doesn't begin to sum up their goals and aspirations. Working for HipHopForChange, you are able to learn and speak about social issues that are happening around the world. Unlike a corporate setting, you are able to speak freely about new age ideas, and not shunned for not fitting into a mold.  My experience with HipHopForChange allowed me to believe in imagination and hope for our youth. This is a movement that will prosper due to their voluntary outreach in the community and the voice that carries along with their values."

-A.J Capas

Apply here to join the team!

We are an inclusive organization and we strongly encourage diverse applicants!

-Must be 18 years or older

-$16-19 an hour plus bonus 
- Help uplift an environment designed to value creativity and the experiences of each employee.
- Shape the culture of your organization and make it your dream job.


- Attend mandatory Wednesday morning meeting 10 am-1 pm and canvass 9:45 - 5:15 three other weekdays
- Able to stand/talk for 6 hours.
- Strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills including public speaking.
- Strong organizational skills and time management.
- Able to adapt to quickly shifting priorities and tasks.
- Self-starter who is able to work both alone and in teams.
- Commitment to the 4 core principles of Hip Hop: peace, love, unity, and having fun.


 515 55th, Oakland CA. 94609

Office Number ( 10am-6pm M-F ): (510) 319-9929

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