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Sundays 12-3pm PSt

Stream Hip Hop For Change Radio every Sunday from 12-3 PM PST. We play music that represents the real values of Hip Hop Culture: peace, love, unity, and having fun! Tune in on KPOO San Francisco 89.5 FM or stream on

As leaders of the community, we use radio media to broadcast educational music and dialogue pertaining to relevant urban social issues throughout the Bay Area. We highlight local progressive Hip Hop artists that are so sorely missed, even within shows that claim to represent the Bay Area and local talent. It has always been our mission to promote the beauty, depth, and knowledge of local Hip Hop, and its importance to our communities. We thank our loyal listeners for tuning in and always supporting!

VISIT  to learn more, and if you're a local artist, please submit social justice oriented music to

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KPOO is an independent, listener-sponsored, noncommercial radio station. KPOO has Board members from various communities of San Francisco who are responsible for its operation. KPOO broadcasts 24 hours a day on 160 watts, with a radiated power of 270 watts, covering San Francisco, Oakland, and the Bay Area

KPOO gives voice to the concerns of low-income communities in San Francisco. Founded by Poor People’s Radio, Inc., KPOO’s ongoing mission has been to open the airwaves to the disenfranchised and underserved. Our station broadcasts news, public meetings, election, live events, interviews, public service announcements and music not heard on any other radio stations. As such, KPOO has continued to have a very loyal listening audience.


KPOO specializes in jazz, reggae, salsa, blues, gospel, and hip hop music. KPOO serves the Bay Area's Latin community with several bilingual programs a week, and also produces programs concerning Irish Americans, Arab Americans, women issues and Native American concerns. KPOO broadcasts live the weekly meeting of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and non-stop election night coverage. KPOO also uses the airways to educate the community about important issues, including AIDS prevention, health concerns, use of the new technologies, prison affairs, and consumer protection.


KPOO Radio has always operated with a volunteer staff. Volunteers range from community people, students, musicians, community activists, actors, doctors, attorneys, young people, seniors, blind and disabled, record collectors, and (of course) broadcasters and engineers.

We use radio media to broadcast educational music and dialogue pertaining to relevant urban social issues throughout the Bay.

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