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Hip Hop For Change has earned a reputation in Oakland for its holistic, culturally competent programming. We aim to work with schools who are innovators in the education field who also show a strong commitment to unlocking the hidden potential of underserved students.












Please contact our Education Director Marlon Richardson at: for all education inquiries.

Our ultimate goal is to build long-term partnerships with schools in our community to create opportunities for mentorship and even employment for the youth we serve.


Our programs, which can be provided during school, after school, or as an enrichment course, can also be compressed or extended as follows:

  • ​​​6 week-long program

  • One-off 1-hour workshops

  • School-wide assemblies

  • A Full Day assembly that includes a keynote address and breakout workshops with some of the top Hip Hop Educators in the Bay Area.

  • and our NEW Online Education Platform.



THE MC: Theory of Hip Hop Evolution, Music and Culture

Our education department is dedicated to providing THE MC: Theory of Hip hop Evolution, Music and Culture; an experiential curriculum that details the history, culture, societal impact and power of Hip Hop through engaging and interactive presentations and workshops from grade school to university level. THE MC is a five part program divided into separate but related sessions. Coming out of this program, students will be able to think more critically about the world and how their racial identities reflect the historical economical structures around them.


WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT: Learn About Women In Hip Hop!

Have you ever wondered where Hip Hop began, and how it started? Would you believe us if we told you that Black women pioneered Hip Hop? Amani Jade and LiL MC, our empowering senior artist educators who are also femcees, will be running this program. Their curriculum will look at the historical context that Hip Hop was born of and its evolution, with an emphasis on women’s influences and experiences. They will be discussing everything from the five elements of Hip Hop Culture, hypersexualization, Hip Hop history, and of course, WOMEN IN HIP HOP!


AGENTS OF CHANGE: Youth Summer Residency (Summer Camp) 

HH4C partnered with East Bay Regional Parks District to present Agents of Change, a culturally relevant arts education curriculum that incorporates naturalist knowledge into an experiential educational survey of the five elements of Hip Hop. Agents of Change ties in the exploration of the natural world with the arts through provocative dialogue and creative learning to engage marginalized youth in cultural practices, character development, and teamwork.


PIPELINE TO POSITIVITY: Hip Hop As A Vehicle For Reintegration

As an Oakland based Hip Hop nonprofit, our reflection aims to focus on Oakland transitional youth by encouraging their creative artistic pursuits as they transition back into our community. We believe that culturally relevant reentry programs can offer possible methods for sustainable reform. HH4C will be partnering with Alameda County Detention Center under the purview of the Alameda County Probation Department in connecting their Oakland youth to our resources, artists, and organization as a part of their reintegration process.


HIP HOP IN THE PARK: A New Initiative To Create Educated Hip Hop Practicioners

This new initiative whose goal is to develop culture bearers and Hip Hop arts practitioners within the Bayview/Hunters Point neighborhood through a series of events, performances, and activations within Bayview/Hunters Point Area parks. Through the use of Hip Hop Pedagogy and Cultural Responsiveness we aim to raise awareness about access to local park spaces & engage our youth. 


LEARN HIP HOP ONLINE: An Online Hip Hop Curriculum For Students At Home

 HH4C is currently refining its Hip Hop Education curriculum to be offered to our community partners via online courses and a series of live-streaming workshops. These courses will serve students in lieu of in-person instruction with engaging activities, instructional video lectures, and presentations to follow at home during their time away from the classrooms. Learn how to rap, DJ, graffiti, and breakdance all from the comfort of your own home!

Donate to support our work in schools!

$10 a month/per year = Guest artist in the classroom

$30 a month/per year = Workshop in the classroom

$50 a month/per year = School-wide assembly

$100 a month/per year  = Full-day workshop at a school

$250 a month/per year = 6-week workshop at a school

$500 a month/per year = Social justice event with local artists


Hip Hop For Change, Inc. has taught over 25,000 students across the nation and the world, from the Bay Area to El Salvador. The goal and objective of our education program is to inspire youth to have a new look at Hip Hop as a vehicle of healthy self-expression and community empowerment, as a means to navigate through the challenges that they are facing.


Our education department is dedicated to providing experiential curriculum that details the history, culture and societal impact of Hip Hop through engaging and interactive presentations. We deeply believe in the power of Hip Hop educational pedagogy as a means to introduce young people to historic and current examples of this culture’s founding principles: peace, love, unity and having fun! By developing curriculums through arts engagement and culturally responsive pedagogy, HH4C empowers Bay Area Black and Brown communities through creativity, while securing employment opportunities in both the arts and nonprofit sectors. HH4C aims to serve vulnerable youth from underrepresented regions of the Bay Area. 90% of the youth we serve are low-income, youth of color. In addition to a plethora of economic and social barriers, these young people lack important connections to their cultural history that have negative effects on their self-esteem, and consequently, their academic performance.


Hip Hop beats have influenced popular music genres from rock to jazz to reggae, however, in many institutions Hip Hop is still not considered a multidisciplinary pedagogy. According to Brown University, culturally responsive teaching has a huge impact on identity and overall academic performance. While the majority of our partnered schools offer music and dance in multiple disciplines, our target demographic still do not receive a curriculum that speaks directly to their cultural upbringing. HH4C arts programming culturally speaks to the values of social justice, social economic struggle, self worth, community, having fun, and more. 


Many Bay Area young people are not getting the expressive outlets needed to deal with daily trauma. As of 2007, only 11% of California schools provided sequential, standards-based instruction in all four Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) disciplines required by state standards, and 29% offered programs in none. Our Hip Hop curriculum provides students who have been historically cut off from professional development opportunities with relatable mentorship and transferable skills in the arts industry. By providing a Hip Hop lens into their arts practice, HH4C restores the cultural legacy of Hip Hop within the communities from which it came. 

Our teaching artists serve as positive role models who hail from the same neighborhoods as their students. HH4C programming imparts communication, self-love, and critical thinking skills to vulnerable youth. HH4C offers these young people cultural affirmation and community connections that encourage academic success and personal well-being and responsibility. We provide the youth a safe space to communicate about pressing issues in their communities. Our program is also particularly effective for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities, connecting them to caring mentors and giving them tools to regulate their emotions in creative and healthy ways.


THE MC: Theory Of Hip Hop Evolution, Music and Culture is a program that provides intensive instruction on all elements of Hip Hop; DJ'ing, Emceeing, Graffiti Art, Breakdancing, and the history and cultural importance of the movement. This experiential workshop empowers youth with understanding and tools for greater self-realization, and with around 21,000 students already having experienced our work in hundreds of workshops, the efficacy of our model is clear. 



In the past, we have created special partnerships with organizations like The Exploratorium, Chabot Space and Science Center, and East Bay Regional Parks District to create unique Hip Hop Programs that use expressive arts to dive into interesting and important subjects from astronomy to zoology. These unique partnerships give our allies new ways to reach their audiences and engage them in using the power of Hip Hop culture in their work.


We meet youth artists from all over the Bay Area who have all the talent in the world and all the drive to make their dreams a reality. Programs like our Agents of Change Summer Program connect youth artists with local veterans, closing generational gaps and passing on the knowledge to guide these youth to success with their art. Our next goal with this program is to create a free studio space to allow all youth the means for healthy, positive expression, coupled with training to help them reach the stars.

"The thing I like about Hip Hop For Change is that I like that we get to express ourselves, not just express ourselves through words, but through our hearts, and give value to what we really want. Just this platform, it opens up so much opportunity to do just that and be creative, and expand."

- Jamal, student from Larkin Street Youth Services


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