Theory of Hip-Hop Evolution, Music and Culture

K-13 Workshops

THE MC: Theory Of Hip Hop Evolution, Music and Culture is a program that provides intensive instruction on all elements of Hip Hop; DJ'ing, Emceeing, Graffiti Art, Breakdancing, and the history and cultural importance of the movement. This experiential workshop empowers youth with understanding and tools for greater self-realization, and with around 21,000 students already having experienced our work in hundreds of workshops, the efficacy of our model is clear. 

Educational Partnerships

In the past, we have created special partnerships with organizations like The Exploritorium, Chabot Space and Science Center, and East Bay Regional Parks District to create unique Hip Hop Programs that use expressive arts to dive into interesting and important subjects from astronomy to zoology. These unique partnerships give our allies new ways to reach their audiences and engage them in using the power of Hip Hop culture in their work.

Youth Artist Development

We meet youth artists from all over the Bay Area who have all the talent in the world and all the drive to make their dreams a reality. We're working hard to create programs like our Agents of Change Summer Internship that can connect youth artists with local veterans, closing generation gaps, and passing on the knowledge to guide these youth to success with their art. Our next goal with this program is to create a free studio space to allow all youth the means for healthy, positive expression, coupled with training to help them reach the stars.


To bring THE MC program to your school, contact our Education Director Marlon Richardson at


Our workshops, which can be provided during school, after school, or as an enrichment course, can also be compressed or extended as follows:

  • ​​​6 week-long program

  • One-off 1-hour workshops

  • School-wide assemblies

  • A Full Day assembly that includes a keynote address and breakout workshops with some of the top Hip Hop   Educators in the Bay Area.

  • and our NEW Online Education Platform.

Our ultimate goal is to build long-term partnerships with schools in our community, to create opportunities for mentorship and even employment for the youth we serve.

learn hip hop online!

Due to COVID-19 related school closures, we have designed a brand new online curriculum that teaches you how to rap, breakdance, graffiti, and DJ -- all from the comfort of your own home! Learn about Hip Hop culture and history, while also getting social justice education rooted in cultural pedagogy!

Hip hop summer camp

Nobody does Hip Hop Summer Camp like we do! Not only did the kiddos have a BLAST, but they got PAID to be here because we wanted to make Agents Of Change the dopest, most equitable summer camp possible!

Marlon Richardson, AKA UnLearn The Worldis a New York-born and bred EmCee, Producer, Actor, Writer, Activist, and Hip Hop Educator. Having been raised and groomed in the Culture, Music, and Movement of Hip Hop, UnLearn has toured internationally and has released several mixtapes and albums over the course of 20 years in the music industry. UnLearn has always understood and revered Knowledge as an essential 5th element of Hip Hop.

This understanding is the core motivation behind UnLearn being one of the more active and prominent Hip Hop teaching artists in the Bay Area; lecturing, presenting and leading classes on EmCeeing/Rapping, Beat Making, DJ’ing and the history of Hip Hop in traditional school settings as well as Juvenile detention centers.


In addition to being one of the more popular and dynamic EmCees and performers in the Bay Area, he is also Director and host of Return Of The Cypher, the only weekly Hip Hop event in San Francisco, as well as the Vice President of the All Tribes San Francisco Chapter of Zulu Nation.


Donate to support our work in schools!

$10 a month/per year = Guest artist in the classroom

$30 a month/per year = Workshop in the classroom

$50 a month/per year = School-wide assembly

$100 a month/per year  = Full-day workshop at a school

$250 a month/per year = 6-week workshop at a school

$500 a month/per year = Social justice event with local artists


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