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Oakland's Newest Beacon: The Hip Hop for Change Studio Awaits! 

DJ Producing Music

Help Us Complete Oakland's Newest Recording Studio!

Join us in building a legacy where dreams are born, talents are honed, and the future of Hip Hop is secured.


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Recording Studio


At Hip Hop For Change, we believe in breaking down barriers and using Hip Hop as a vehicle to educate and empower. Our state-of-the-art studio offers youth the opportunity to explore the intricacies of sound engineering, from tracking and mixing to beat-making. Let's amplify the voices of our youth and inspire the next generation of producers.

Image by Steijn Leijzer


Spin, scratch, and mix with our DJing program. Hip Hop has always been about expression, and DJing is at the heart of this culture. Our program not only teaches the technical skills but also the history and principles of Hip Hop. Whether your child is a beginner or looking to hone their skills, our studio is the place to be. Let's keep the turntables spinning and the culture alive.

Makeup Photoshoot


In today's digital age, live streaming is the new stage. Our Live Streaming program at Hip Hop For Change is designed to give youth a platform to engage with a wider audience in real-time. From setting up the perfect shot to understanding the dynamics of live interactions, we cover it all. It's time to go live and let the world hear what our youth have to say.

Sound Board



Building Beats and Dreams in Oakland

Get to Know Us

In the vibrant heart of Oakland, a transformation is underway. A space, once silent, is now echoing with the promise of beats, lyrics, and dreams. Welcome to our beacon of creativity and community, blossoming brick by brick.

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